Sifting through the old sketchbooks and such

I never posted this sketch on here, and I’m not exactly sure why I haven’t. Oh well.

Adam Burish and Patrick Sharp. Burish ruins everything, including the timeliness of this sketch. Jerk.

A Very Handsome Sketch

Since he got married today, I thought I’d take the time to draw Patrick Sharp since, to be honest, I don’t draw him very much.

“But, Kat,” you might say, “how could you not? He’s a very handsome man!”

And, well, yeah — that’s just it. He’s just too handsome. People who are fun to draw are, for lack of a better term, funny-looking in some way.

Patrick Sharp just isn’t funny-looking enough for me.

With that being said, he does make one handsome-looking sketch.

You might notice that I took the time to hand-color this. Please excuse the messiness — I haven’t hand-colored anything since college. I might do this some more, though. It was fun!

(You might also notice that I put in my signature and the URL to this blog along his arm. If and when this ends up on the puck bunny boards and/or Tumblr, at least people will know where it came from. Credit! It’s all I ask for!)

A note from the sketchy sketcher

Hey! It’s been a while, huh? My bad, folks — my team was busy winning the greatest trophy in all of sports, and I got swept along in the mania. But now that we’re settling back into the doldrums of summer, I’m here, armed with new sketches and such.

However, since I’ve been on hiatus, I’ve seen my sketches popping up on your Tumblrs and your puck bunny boards and such — and that’s cool, really! Sharing the sketches and “remixing” them for journal headers and icons is all very awesome and very welcome.

But! You’re supposed to give me credit. It’s in the Creative Commons license, you see.

So, if you want to distribute my sketches (I don’t know WHY, but whatever — I don’t judge) or use them for whatever — just drop a link to my blog when you do.

That’s all I ask, really.


Shipping Up To Boston

Anyone who knows me knows that my Eastern Conference team is the Boston Bruins. Why, you ask? Well, it’s because they remind me so much of the Blackhawks…

Hilarious commercials? Yep.
A Winter Classic? Yep.
A bunch of adorable failfaces as players? Yep.
Goalie controversy? Ohhh, you betcha.
A long, ridiculous Stanley Cup drought? SIGH. Yes.

The only thing the Bruins are really missing are the epic bromances that the Blackhawks have. But there is one that is near and dear to my heart…

Marc Savard is tiny.
Zdeno Chara is huge.
They are friends. :D

Let’s get a few things out the way:

1. Zee scares me, but he’s also oddly charming. Like, he could literally bite my face off if he wanted, but chooses not to.
2. I have a rapidly-blooming crush on Savvy. It’s so bad that I want to kick Matt Cooke in the balls for taking him out this season.
3. Matt Cooke is a terrible human being. Just putting that out there.

Spider-Seabs! Spider-Seabs!

Does whatever a Spider-Seabs does!
Can he swing
From a web?





Here’s yet another sketch that needs an explanation of some sort.

I’m one of those narcissists who has their own thingamabobber (check it out here if you’re bored or need a laugh). Yesterday, someone (later identified as Ms. Blackhawks, fellow Seabrook fan and overall awesome lady) asked me this:

Will you draw another picture of Seabrook? Maybe it will bring him good luck!

Now, it’s no secret that Seabs has been playing not-so-well lately. I’ll even go so far as saying that he’s been wearing his ass as a hat, and it needs to stop. So, okay — a stupid drawing might not do anything to help, but… it couldn’t hurt, right?

As far as the Spider-Man theme — I read somewhere that Seabs likes Spider-Man. I like Spider-Man. (Hell, who doesn’t like Spider-Man? People who suck at life — that’s who.) So. I drew him as Spider-Man.

Stop judging me.

(And before someone posts it in the comments — yes, I have seen the Halloween picture of him dressed up as Spider-Man. No, I didn’t see it before I drew this picture. And NO, I don’t need to see it again.)

That Crosby Kid

Boy, I heard he’s somethin’ special.

Yeah, so, I finally tackled arguably the most popular player in hockey today, Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins. It’s technically for a commission, but I’ve been itching to draw him for a while, anyway. So, here he is! Not the most exciting of poses, but there you go.

P.S. HATERS TO THE LEFT. If you want to post about how much you dislike the Kid, please go wank about it in your own blog and keep it out of mine. Cool? Cool. Or else I’ll be forced to mock you.

Wake up in the mornin’, feelin’ like A. Burish…

So, didja hear the good news? Adam Burish is coming back to the Blackhawks on Wednesday!

Okay, so… he’s not the greatest player. But he is the best at one thing.

Trolling the hell out of opposing teams.

And this is why I love him.


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