Spider-Seabs! Spider-Seabs!

Does whatever a Spider-Seabs does!
Can he swing
From a web?





Here’s yet another sketch that needs an explanation of some sort.

I’m one of those narcissists who has their own Formspring.me thingamabobber (check it out here if you’re bored or need a laugh). Yesterday, someone (later identified as Ms. Blackhawks, fellow Seabrook fan and overall awesome lady) asked me this:

Will you draw another picture of Seabrook? Maybe it will bring him good luck!

Now, it’s no secret that Seabs has been playing not-so-well lately. I’ll even go so far as saying that he’s been wearing his ass as a hat, and it needs to stop. So, okay — a stupid drawing might not do anything to help, but… it couldn’t hurt, right?

As far as the Spider-Man theme — I read somewhere that Seabs likes Spider-Man. I like Spider-Man. (Hell, who doesn’t like Spider-Man? People who suck at life — that’s who.) So. I drew him as Spider-Man.

Stop judging me.

(And before someone posts it in the comments — yes, I have seen the Halloween picture of him dressed up as Spider-Man. No, I didn’t see it before I drew this picture. And NO, I don’t need to see it again.)

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    • Cari
    • March 16th, 2010

    This is PRICELESS! Its right up there with Toews in a sheep costume!

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